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Information wants to be free!

Whenver I find bits and pieces of information that I think may be useful for other people, I share them with the universe on this site. When I write software or scripts that help me with boring tasks or speed up websites, I share them with you too.

I always get a nice 'warm and fuzzy feeling' when people show their appreciation of my work. It's nice to get any kind of feedback from people. So if you have something to say . . .

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Give something . . .

If you want to give me something, please give me a beer during the next T3DD. If you can not make it there or can not wait that long, consider making a small, medium or large donation. Donators will be listed on this page in the 'Hall of Donors'.


Hall of Donors

  • Patrick Broens; kindly donated a beer @ T3DD09