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My name is Michiel Roos. I currently work for MaxServ in Holland. I like tech stuff like Linux, TYPO3, Gumstix and Roombas but I also like to dig in the dirt and try to grow veggies and other things. Some of you may know me as author of nc_staticfilecache and maintainder of the DAM project.

But why?

Well . . . I like code without typo's. It just runs better ;-)

PHP_EOL goodness

Tue, 16 Feb 2010

I did an amazing discovery today. There is a PHP constant called PHP_EOL you can use instead of "\n". This will make your script cross platform. I honestly did not know about this. I'm happy I learnt something new today.more »

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MacPorts . . . Give me back my PHP 5.2

Tue, 4 Aug 2009

A while ago I updated my Ports list and upgraded all outdated ports. This gave me a shiny new PHP 5.3. PHP 5.3 is nice but it has deprecated a lot of functions and changed some other functions. This is all well and good, but now it spews a torrent of 'Notices', 'Deprecated' and 'Warning' messages when running TYPO3 4.1 and TYPO3 4.2 sites. I can still get PHP 5.3 if I install the php5-devel package. If I really want to run that I'll compile. . .more »

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Profiling the extension manager with KCachegrind

Tue, 4 Aug 2009

Disclaimer: This is just an example of how to produce profiler output and analyse it, not a real attempt at optimising the extension manager (though that should be done too!).
In the previous article you can read how to install KCachegrind on OSX. If you are on Ubuntu or any other flavour of Linux, chances are that more »

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Installing KCachegrind on OSX

Sat, 1 Aug 2009

This article is only relevant for users of OSX.  Coming from a Gentoo world to OSX, now and then I want to install some software that is not available pre-built for OSX. I like to use more recent Apache 2 for local testing and I also like to use Gimp and InkScape, so I use MacPorts to fetch and compile all the Open. . .more »

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TYPO3 mass upgrade script

Wed, 21 Jan 2009

Yesterday some updates came out for TYPO3. These updates fixed certain issues and we needed to update all of our excellent shared hosting environments. We already have a script (which is more elaborate now) that checks all our TYPO3 installations and sends the sysadmins a nice report about its findings. We use part of that report (list of paths to Document Roots). . .more »

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Create a 'drop shadow' folder action

Tue, 13 Jan 2009

Back in the day I worked for an advertising company and had a desk in the studio where all the shiny Macs lived. They had all these cool Adobe programs that could do amazing things for you when hooked to 'folder actions'.more »

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TYPO3 database backup without the heavy tables

Wed, 23 Jul 2008

There are times when you need to backup your database or even copy the complete database to another server. If you are unlucky, you cannot use the mysqldump tool to make a copy of the complete database at once because that would bring down the server completely. It would also be nice to be able to rsync over the data to another server (the staging server). Then having one huge dump file is also sub-optimal. A solution is needed that is. . .more »

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TYPO3 housekeeping part 2

Thu, 26 Jun 2008

So here we are again. I hope you have gotten the hang of cleaning your TYPO3 installation and are reaping the benefits. If you are like me, you dont like to repeat yourself. All this typing on the command line, can't we automate this? The vacume cleaner in the image here cleans your rooms on its own. We would like TYPO3 to do that too. The problem is that we are not sure if. . .more »

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TYPO3 housekeeping

Wed, 25 Jun 2008

When you run a TYPO3 installation for several months you tend to create and delete a lot of pages and a lot of page content. Relations between elements are created and severed. When pages and records are deleted in TYPO3, they are not really deleted from the database. The 'deleted' field in the table is merely set to 1. So over time your table will accumulate a lot of deleted records. It can also happen that you remove a page that is pointed to. . .more »

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Happy prompt

Thu, 5 Jun 2008

I live on the command line quite a lot. Sometimes I wonder how the machine I am working on is holding up. A nice command to see what is going on is 'top'. Although it's quite resource hungry. A lighter alternative is 'uptime'. I don't like typing that command very often however. There are some very nice BASH prompt tutorials in the pipes and tubes out there and there are some ready made prompts to get you started. I adapted one of these. . .more »

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