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My name is Michiel Roos. I currently work for MaxServ in Holland. I like tech stuff like Linux, TYPO3, Gumstix and Roombas but I also like to dig in the dirt and try to grow veggies and other things. Some of you may know me as author of nc_staticfilecache and maintainder of the DAM project.

But why?

Well . . . I like code without typo's. It just runs better ;-)

Replace Content extension relased

Fri, 22 Mar 2013

The Replace Content extension searches for patterns in the generated TYPO3 page using one or more regular expressions and then replaces those instances with a replacement. The search and replace takes place after the complete page has been generated by TYPO3. It uses the tslib_fe hook for post-processing of page content cached/non-cached: 'contentPostProc-all'. The extension can be configured using TypoScript. You define an array of. . .more »

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Table Cleaner extension released

Fri, 15 Mar 2013

When a record is deleted in TYPO3, most of the times it is not actually deleted. Many tables just set a value of 1 on the 'deleted' field. Some sites can get pretty big and a lot of content is added and removed. This means that some tables will fill up with deleted records. There are also tables that just keep on growing. Take sys_log for example. That logs system events from the time the system was first started to the present day. In. . .more »

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Wizard Create Pagetree extension updated

Thu, 14 Mar 2013

I finally came aroud to update the Wizard Create Pagetree extension. It will soon be available in TER (once that has done its thing) as version 1.0.2. A friendly wizard that will create a page tree for you. Feed it with a space indented tree structure of the desired pages and the pages will be created for you. A great help when setting up a new site with a known sitemap. Changes:

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