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Wizard Create page tree

I made this extension because I found the create multiple pages wizard to be too limiting. We often run into people who have a complete sitemap available up front. It would be nice if this map could be imported into the page tree at once. You really don't want to seed a site tree of 500 + nested pages using the 'create multiple pages' wizard. You hire a student to do it for you or you paste the site map into this extension and create the tree instantly in one go.

  • You can feed the wizard a space, tab or dot-indented list of titles. It will then create a page tree based on this input.
  • You can also specify additional fields on every line. This enables you to easily fill fields like subtitle or alias.
  • C-style comments (single and multi line) as well as empty lines are ignored.

Simple nested tree entry

The result tree

Advanced mode

In advanced mode, you can specify extra fields for every line. You can add subtitle, keywords etc.

Get your own

Get your fix from the extension repository by looking for the key: wizard_crpagetree

Read the full manual here: https://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/extension-manuals/wizard_crpagetree/1.0.0/view/