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A photoblog is like a blog, but then for images. A lot of photographers have photoblogs. You can find a lot of examples of photoblogs on https://photoblogs.org.

This is the first extension I wrote an published on the repository. I read the TYPO3 common coding guidelines and wrote the extension the proper way. I was quite pleased with the result. Ben van 't Ende noted the extension and helped me develop it further into what it now has become. I have not touched it in over two years I think and there is a lot of room for improvement. If you have any constructive criticism or a feature request, please leave a comment below.

You can find an example setup on teknowlogic.org.


  • Post images with title, description and multiple categories;
  • Manually sort the order of entries;
  • Post comments through the frontend;
  • Show X random thumbnails;
  • Show X latest thumbnails;
  • Show X nearest thumbnails;
  • Show X thumbnails belonging to the category the current image belongs to;
  • Show a list of thumbnails of all the entries;
  • Display comments in a popup window or on a normal page;
  • Frontend user comment moderation system with 'round robin' scheduling;
  • Display EXIF data;
  • Browse and search archive of entries by date;
  • Display archive of entries ordered by category;
  • Offer RSS, RDF or Atom feed.
  • Works nicely with Realurl.
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