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13 Nov 2013

TYPO3 test site generator, will generate 'Introduction Package' sites for any range of TYPO3 versions.

  • Ever got tired of creating a TYPO3 test site over and over again to test your new code or extensions?
  • Ever needed to test your code on multiple versions of TYPO3?

TYPO3 Workbench is here to make your life more fun! :-)


  • Generate TYPO3 Introduction Package sites from any range of major versions of TYPO3
  • Generate a site for the latest stable version as well as the branch head
  • Template based configuration file generation
  • Generate configuration file for Apache
  • Generate configuration file for Nginx
  • Generate hosts file for local installs


  • Populate the database of the generated sites, currently you need to run the TYPO3 installer manually
  • Add support for 6.? Distributions
  • Add xhGui site for XHProf
  • Add more options to build script for cleaning / resetting / removing installs

Check it out: https://github.com/Tuurlijk/Typo3Workbench

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