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XHProf helper extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox

31 Dec 2013

Firefox XHProf Helper extension

Profiling page execution is a great way to find bottlenecks in your PHP code. I love the XHProf profiler. In combination with a good UI it makes finding bottlenecks and breeze.

The profiler can run in sample mode (e.g. profiling one request in a thousand) or it can be triggered by adding a URL parameter (&_profile=1) to the URL. I also use XDebug to debug code in combination with PHPStorm. XDebug can also be triggered by adding a URL parameter. There are several browser extensions available that make the triggering easier. You just click a toolbar- or locationbar button to enable or disable debugging.

I liked the ease with which the debugging can be started and stopped so much, that I created two XHProf helper extensions; one for Google Chrome and one for Firefox.

The extensions provide simple button you can click to enable or disable the profiling for a whole site. You can provide a list of domains for which to enable the button so it does not clutter the browser interface for non-development sites. 


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