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Skype chat in Adium

12 Jan 2009

When I started using more than one messenging program because client X used it, my screen got more and more cluttered with tiny windows. When I found Adium, I was able to reduce those many windows into one. Adium is a messenger client for OSX that can handle a lot of messenger protocols.

Until Skype came . . . Skype brought a new window to my screen again. I thought this sucked for a while. I tried to ignore Skype, but more and more people I want to chant with use Skype, so I needed it open. Some weeks ago I came across a great solution for merging my Skype window into Adium. Now my screen is quiet once again.

Skype has an API that programs can hook into. The Adium extension uses the API to talk with a running (but hidden) Skype process.

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