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DAM release speed

31 Dec 2009

I recently released DAM 1.1.2 as you may have noticed. And one or two releases a year is just not enough. I'm going to do monthly bugfix releases from now on. Even if only one pesky bug is fixed, a bugfix release will be baked that month.

This means that the Mantis roadmap is no longer very usefull for bugfix releases on the 1.1 branch since we will release anyway and the bugs that are not fixed will be moved forward to the next version on the roadmap.

The feature versions are also not released often enough IMHO. We need a feature vote and map out what features will go into what versions.

I'll cook up a plan next week.

The flash uploader must go in SOON! It's great work. But it would be nice if it was easily accessible and not 50% hidden.

Next bugfix version is scheduled to be released on friday the 1st of january.

Have a nice year ending all!

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