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DAM 1.1.0 has been released

26 Dec 2008

The DAM development team is proud to announce the release of version 1.1.0 of the DAM, the bugfix Release after "The Big Sleep".

Finally the new version is here due to the work of many people. We said 1.1 would be a christmas present and it is. Thanks Uschi for all your testing, suggestions, enthousiasm. Keep up the good work! Karma points all the way for you ;-) Thanks Stan for your communication with the DAM team and especially Uschi and for your work on DAM integration in RTEhtmlarea. Really looking forward to the next steps. Thanks David Steeb for integrating folders to categories. Thanks Benni for some initial work. We are still waiting for your mass uploader for DAM ;-) Thanks Georg for being there from the start. And thanks to all sponsors Sponsoring that have been so willing to pay for most of the work Stanislas did. Owww and Stanislas tHNx for spending much more time then you anticipated. Will there ever be a project that is finished in time ;-)

What bugs were fixed? Well, a lot of bugs were fixed. Please see the Changelog for a complete list: https://forge.typo3.org/repositories/entry/extension-dam/dam/tags/dam_1-1-0/ChangeLog

Very special thanks goes out to Rene Fritz whose brainchild DAM is. Rene! You are welcome in the team. Thank you Daniel Hinderink. For the record Daniel, Rene and Ben started out braining about DAM way back in like 2003.

We are no there yet. We need you to test DAM 1.1, report bugs, add feature requests, add patches. We rely on your sponsoring. Many of us can do this work in our spare time, but some of us also need to earn a living from the work we do.

Merry Christmas and keep on DAMming!

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