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TYPO3 sanity check

24 May 2007
Michiel Roos

Some days ago I got fed up with running across odd configuration settings on our servers. We run several servers with a lot of TYPO3 installations. It would be really nice to be able to see the status of all installations at a glance.

So I started out writing a shell script with a lot of grep and cut commands. Soon I realised that I would be a lot quicker writing the script in ruby. Still later I realized that turning it into a TYPO3 extension would be better still. So . . . expect one in the near future. I would be nice to make the extension itself 'extendable' so users can build their own checking rules.

For now you're stuck with a version 1.0 of a ruby script that works by parsing all the vhosts in an apache config dir. It filters out all the DocumentRoot values and checks all the roots for a TYPO3 install. If it finds one it checks the sanity of the installation. You can run it in a cron job. It sends an email if it finds anything out of order.

Currently it checks for:

  • TYPO3 version (warns about deprecated and unsafe installs)
  • if TYPO3 is locally installed (only in the own DocumentRoot)
  • permissions of 'uploads', 'typo3conf', 'typo3temp', 'fileadmin'

I will extend it to do some other checks. Maybe it can be adjusted to 'autofix' some stuff (like the permissions).

View the Site Checkup Script.

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